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, my god. that was a huge accomplishment for us. >> and their family would have been complete with three children instead of four but for a promise they had made to each other. they still had five embryos left from that in vitro procedure. >> shawn and i had discussed that we would give every embryo we created a chance at life. >> so almost a year after mary kate was born, carolyn and shawn decided to try for another baby, using those remaining embryos. >> we weren't getting any younger. >> you're getting close to 40. >> yeah. >> we decided as soon as we were medically cleared that we would proceed. >> in february 2009, three embryos were transferred into carolyn. ten days later she went for a blood test to see if she was pregnant. >> and we expected a result by about lunchtime. >> lunchtime came. any result? >> no. >> 1:00? >> no. >> 2:00? >> no. >> about 3:30. >> 3:30 what happened? >> i was sitting at my desk and i received a phone call from our doctor. >> it was their fertility doctor thinking he was calling carolyn but he had reached shawn instead. >> he made sure i was a
? >> there was a loud knock on our front door. shocked us out of bed. and i went downstairs, and there were police. it's hard to process that this has happened. i still kept thinking, no, they couldn't have gotten it right. >> bernadette had to tell her parents. >> and i said, what happened to her? was she in an accident? i told her to be careful, you know. i was just shocked and crying. >> i felt so bad, and so weak. and it was a shock, you know. >> back in connecticut, stanford police were getting a surprisingly different vibe from anna lisa's boyfriend, nelson sesler. was he emotional? >> if he was, he didn't show it to us. >> did he ask what happened to anna lisa? >> never to us. >> no. not at all. >> never to us. in fact, went to sleep. >> he went to sleep? >> went to sleep in the boat house. >> as seasoned detectives, what did that say to you? >> raised a big flag with us. big red flag with us. >> yes. >> makes you wonder, did nelson sesler know more than he was telling police about the murder of his girlfriend? and what would have been his motive for murder? no one could figure it out, especial
. >> did you think i'm really lucky to have this girl? >> i did, and we used to get compliments. people would say you guys look so cute together. >> by spring 1999 hannah's friends and family thought she was growing distant. they worried that brad was tugging her into a world where she didn't belong. >> she trusted everybody. >> saw the best in everybody. >> yeah. >> and didn't have a radar up? >> no. that's where we differed. >> and now hannah hill had vanished into the night. out there somewhere, but where? thursday turned to friday. the close friends were frantic. >> we were calling each other back and forth. i'm calling the hills. i'm paging her. she's not calling. that just wasn't like her. >> we were freaking out now. so we make out thousands of flyers and we're passing them out. have you seen my cyster? has anyone seen my sister? >> and you're hearing no, no, no, no. >> nothing. >> brad oborn, the boyfriend took it a step further. he went to the police station on friday, the first of several visits to the cops. >> my girlfriend is missing and it doesn't seem the police are doing
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. >> still there was work to be done. it was not a new house. could use some remodeling, particularly the bathroom. courtney was still living with her parents as the work began a. >> they were going to be doing the tile work and stuff so we wouldn't have a shower for that day. >> so shower out of commission, they decided to wake up early, put on their bathing suits and rinse off in the outdoor spa before the contractor arrived at 6:45 a.m. it was june 7, 2007. chris got up first, turned on the spa to warm it up and then called brianna at her college dorm. >> here's your wake-up call, babe. get out and go on that run. >> back at the house, courtney dozed through her first wake-up while chris and kristy made it out to the spa. after 6:30 chris looked in on courtney again. then went back to the spa. life's last normal moments. 6:47 a.m. >> i got out of bed, put on robe and heard this panicked, panicked scream from my dad yelling for me. i ran down the hallway to the back porch and i saw him just trying to pull out -- my mom out of the t spa. >> 911 emergency. >> it was she who dialled 91
? the broken glass coming from the kitchen door window. >> for appeared a beer bottle was used to brick that particular window. >> according to tom, jewelry and credit cards were missing. the family desk had been disturb and documents inside were gone. then there was the inside cabinet. >> looked like somebody had gone in and basically scooped up a shelf off of the medicine cabinet and contents. >> like maybe they were look for prescription drugs? >> potentially. >> to the detective, the items missing were not as telling as what was left behind. expensive electronics were untouched as was dar's purse sitting on a hall way chair. >> for didn't make sense. >> neither did the use of a shotgun. >> it's large and bulky. you have to carry whatever you steal out with the shotgun. >> the next day the police found their first piece of significant evidence that led the investigation into a whole new direction. in the foley's dusty basement was a is you specially dust-free yellow plastic bag. >> what was in the bag? >> three shotgun shells. >> we found a bag that had shotgun shells in it. have you
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tomorrow. i'm lester hoemt reporting from new york. for all of us here at nbc news. good night. >>> that is tragedy on top of a tragedy now. >> it happened so quickly. their parents in the backyard spa. their mom in trouble. >> my dad just panicked. >> a sudden slip. a fatal fall. >> you're losing your mother. you're watching her go. >> someone else was watching too. someone witnessed something astonishing. >> the look on his face was almost undescribable. >> what had she seen? was this drowning really an accident? >> she's got a huge gash on her head. something like that is not consistent with just falling down. >> a husband and father is suddenly under suspicion. >> we're trying. he said they think i hurt mom. >> three daughters stand by their dad and one prosecutor stands firm. >> he is holding his wife of almost three decades under the water. my job is to get justice for christy hall. >> was it murder? someone was watching. >> good evening. welcome to "dateline." i'm lester holt. tonight a story that calls to mind the master of suspense. a plot straight out of an alfred hit
for "dateline." in the meantime, for all of us here at nbc news, good night. >>> the first time i saw her, i thought she was beautiful. we just loved being together. we were always together. our kitchen backdoor was open and the glass was broken. >> oh, my god! >> it was he who found her. >> i didn't know how to handle that. i wish i could have been there to protect her. >> a wife murdered. and later, a husband under suspicion. >> he was such a nice guy. you would never have guessed he would have done something like that. >> you think he faked the burglary and killed his wife? >> yes. >> he wanted her house and money and if he divorced her he lost everything. >> in court, a stunning verdict. >> this cannot be happening. i didn't kill my wife. >> more stunning still was what came after. a mysterious witness with a secret. >> this woman especially said i saw the murderer and it wasn't tom foley. >> would her story be the ultimate twist? >> tear out your heart. unbelievable. >> mystery at heath bar farm. good evening and welcome to dateline. i'm lester holt. it's a mystery people tho
, a court of law. >>> coming up, a palm print in blood on the lamp used to kill nona. guess who's? >> no question it was his. no question it was his. >> but on another key piece of evidence. >> the dna was some other male. >> when "dateline" continues. it's the kmart semi-annual furniture sale! dressers, 39.99 each! this microfiber futon, 99.99 and a pine dining nook just 199.99! sale ends saturday. don't miss out! at kmart at more than a paycheck. is we know all the hammering, shaping, driving, serving, planning, writing, nursing and teaching it took to earn it. so we give you the power to keep as much of your hard-earned money as possible. our customized interview covers everything from a service member's deployment to a student's loan interest, right down to a teacher's crayons. you've worked hard to earn your money. we're here to help you keep it. turbotax. the power to keep what's yours. try it free at i'm just red carpets, big spectacles and the a-list. that's only the beginning. i have more than one red carpet. i like all sorts of spectacles. from the grand
didn't think he was going to stick around for us to come back. >> so the hurricane comes and goes and your suspect is quite literally in the wind. >> he's gone. >> for detective clumber, the twisted trail that led him from washington to south florida began just months earlier just after christmas 2003. a geotracker, a small suv had been spotted in a secluded driveway in a remote section of whidbey island, passenger door open and light on. >> the first thought was suicide, but on initial investigation they couldn't find a weapon. >> standing in the damp, december cold, the detective took stock. the body inside appeared to have been dead for 24 hours. i.d. found in the glove box indicated the dead man was named russel douglas, a rag ged hole between his eyes had frozen his age at 32. >> there was a robbery, a whole lot of stuff left behind in the car that didn't make sense. >> just inside the driver's side door an empty .380 caliber shell casing lay on the floor. the detective thought it was a curious place for a homicide. >> near the end of a dead-end road parked into bushes as tho
probably use every day. facebook. >> why don't you establish a facebook account? i thought that could actually accomplish a great deal. >> and that's when everything started to change. >> something happened to her. >> in court you'll see it all come pouring out. a hidden crime and a son's heart-pounding moment. >> this is a horrible crime. >> i'm glad we know the truth. >> what were the secrets in the mist? also tonight, they were high school sweethearts. >> we both expected to spend the rest of our lives together, but when she was murdered sympathy turned to suspicion. his palm print was on the murder weapon. >> no question it was his. >> but the mystery was just beginning because -- >> it was some other male. >> as the town chooses up sides and families fight for justice, startling new developments in a shocking murder. >> when you've got something that was this bad. >> somebody's got to pay. >> somebody has to pay. >> i'm lester holt and this is "dateline." tonight, two women, two stories, two keith morrison mysteries. first, what happened to the beauty queen? ♪ ♪ ♪ >> look a
confirmed her recollection. >> her card was used to get into the room at 7:40. but from just after midnight -- >> there had been no activity up to this point? >> no activity opening to go into the door. that right away tells you that, well, then the door opened from the inside. >> if narcy had been downstairs helping with breakfast and no key other than the wife's had opened the door since midnight, who then had admitted the killer or killers? an early on mystery. may, meanwhile, had been summoned by the hotel manager to her stepfather's suite. >> i asked him what happened. they were like, he's gone. i'm like, what do you mean he's gone? try, do something. >> the hotel guards wouldn't let her in the room. >> one security officer was talking to another. he said, it's a bloodbath in there. >> a bloodbath that sent her mother into hysterics. >> she's emotional, wailing, tears? >> she's like throwing herself on the floor. she starts telling me, i think they're after all the convention money. she's like, it had to have been a robbery. they know we carry a lot of money. somebody must have been wa
's carrying, while using less fuel. delivering whatever the world needs, when it needs it. ♪ ♪ after all, what's the point of talking if you don't have something important to say? ♪ ♪ >>> i was just confused and shocked because at this point i still felt like i was asleep. >> on february 21st, 2008 at 3:00 in the morning, melissa called 911. >> okay. so this gun noise was like a gunshot? >> yeah. i tried to wake up my husband and he's really, really dead. >> reporter: he certainly was. ben oxley was shot point blank in the head. and she was laying in bed right next to him was his wife unharmed. her daughter was 6 years old and completely unaware of what just happened, asked to see her father. >> i want to see my dad. i want to see my dad. i told her you can't. you can't go see your dad. >> reporter: it was a little after 3:00 a.m. when the detective got the call. do you remember getting that call? >> yeah. because i was sleeping. >> reporter: he woke up fast to a very big problem. a killing. just didn't make sense. >> appearing like a ghost has done this. no eviden
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keep doing this every year on our birthday and -- that she loves us. joo b >> betty's only son nate got to the hospital as fast as he could bridging a photo of his mom in happier times. mother, son and the grandson she doted on. >> she looked so happy with all of us there together on the couch, and i placed that in her hand to hold. >> as you touched her hand, her fingers, were you getting anything back? >> no. as i put the picture in her hand i whispered in her ear that i loved her, and i hoped she could hear me. >> a solemn vigil began. a life ebbing away amid intensive care machinery. >> how were you comforting each other there? >> hugging, crying together and holding on to each other, saying some prayers. >> at the hospital, betty's husband of seven years pastor a.b. schirmer seemed to the family at times oddly distant at other, overly genial and they thought he was still in shock after all he had walked away virtually unscathed that left his wife on life support. >> no crying, no praying or anything like that. >> but a.b.'s daughter from his first marriage remembers his father was
to you about that house? >> it looked very homey, and it gave us more room. we didn't need a huge house. we're both simple people. >> a month later, they were married. >> i, scott. >> i, scott. >> take you, katherine. >> take you, katherine. >> to be my wife. >> was there no honeymoon? >> the honeymoon was going to take a backseat for a while. which was fine, we had a house. we still had boxes everywhere. >> that decision to buy that home at that time on that schedule would one day be a choice katherine and others would examine and reexamine. because that honeymoon the new couple had put off would never come. just six days after the wedding, scott and katherine's new life took a turn no one saw coming. >> he actually stayed up late that night watching a movie and then came to bed. next thing we know, someone burst in. i went downstairs and noticed the back door was open. i thought, it was 3:00 in the morning. i didn't have my glasses on, and i thought, why would scott leave the back door open? >> so if the back door had been open when he went to bed, he probably would have noticed it? >
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Search Results 0 to 29 of about 30 (some duplicates have been removed)

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